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Subjects and headings


The journal publishes science-technical and production articles, reviews of equipment and service markets, information about conferences, seminars and exhibitions; it also highlights the activity of the leading research and design institutes, industrial (manufacturing and engineering) enterprises and proprietary organizations.


1. Technologies and production

– new metals, their alloys and produce made of them, new metallurgical processes;

– used equipment and peculiarities of cast iron, steel, rolled metal, coke, etc. production;

– used equipment and peculiarities of steel continuous casting technology;

– produce quality and output;

– energy efficiency and production processes safety.


2. Equipment

– new highly productive equipment;

– reconstruction and updating of the current equipment;

– automation and mechanization of equipment;

– reliability and durability of equipment;

– protection and safety of maintenance staff;

– energy saving;

– tool and setup;

– metal structures, blocks and mechanisms;

– industrial automation and testing and measuring tools;

– electric and hydraulic drive;

– designing and mechanisms and machines design;

– analysis and modeling of processes and equipment;

– engineering maintenance and lubricating material;

– installation, maintenance and recondition of the equipment. technology and materials;

– non-destructive testing and engineering diagnostics;

– maintenance and equipment recondition quality.


3. Vibration of machines: measurement, reduction, protection


4. Technical management

– electrical supervisor administration;

– master mechanic administration;

– repair service;

– maintenance and operation of equipment;

– organization of work and computer automation of enterprise services;

– preparation of data for production and enterprise management;

– labour safety and accidents prevention;

– education, training of specialists and staff development.







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