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A.Y. Tsuprun, A.V. Fedosov, D.V. Pashchuk

The analysis of continuous casting slabs thermal state on their surface proneness to corner cracks

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S.G. Mogilny, A.A. Sholomytskyi, A.A. Luniov, E.M. Vatralik, I.S. Frolov

Development of control technologies of position and alignment of CCM equipment

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S.P. Eron’ko, A.L. Sotnikov, M.Y. Tkachyov

Improvement of the system of quick exchange of submerged entry nozzles for sequence steel casting at CCM

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Presentation of the enterprise

Zolotukhin V.I., Gordeiev Y.I., Provorotov D.A., Golovko A.G., Zhilin D.I.
Modern equipment for steel teeming and secondary metallurgy: innovations and import substitution


Anniversaries and biography

Uchitel A.D., Zaitsev G.L.
Zaselskiy Vladimir Iosifovich is 60 years old






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