Technological proposals

The journal suggests informational support in the marketing of competitive products, projects, scientific research and high-tech solutions in the sphere of metallurgical processes and equipment.


Technological proposals published in the journal:


1. Development of auto vacuum metal billet casting (AVM).

2. Production technology of sintered iron-ore from burden material with high concentration of fine waste.

3. Acoustic control system of steelmaking in a vessel or electric arc furnace.

4. Energy-saving process of recovery and strengthening of metallurgical equipment elements by the method of high-speed electric-arc surfacing.

5. Development and mastering of methods of rapid testing of the state of TPS turbines and compressors, as well as compressors at oxygen and compressed-air plants.

6. Practical fluid dynamics and heat exchange in the processes of iron and steel making. Dispersion flows.

7. Technology of plasma-based surface strengthening of instruments and equipment elements.

8. The method of control of burden material and gases radial distribution in blast furnaces.

9. Sparingly alloyed steels, cast irons, multipurpose alloying materials with better mechanical characteristics and hardening technologies with the self-hardening principle during cooling and/or loading.

10. Sparing alloys (cast iron, steel) with metastable structure, self-hardening during operation.

11. Equipment units for pulverized coal injection (flue dust, titaniferous and other materials) into the blast-furnace wells.

12. Humidification of blast-furnace air by spraying water in the tuyere region.

13. New synthetic alloys of secondary aluminum and their use in ferrous metallurgy.

14. Highly economical drives of various machines.

15. Multipurpose diesel engine based on conrod-free power mechanism – Project 4.

16. Theoretical and practical development of energy and resource saving technologies of injection of powder materials into metallurgic liquid-alloys and aggregates.

17. The optimization system of technology of blast-furnace smelting based on statistical analysis of the source information.

18. The technology of blast-furnace smelting with pulverized coal injection into the well, which ensures coke consumption reduction by 30…50 %.

19. The unit for power-operated arc.

20. The technology and unit for semi-automatic and automatic welding in CO2 environment.

21. Domestic shunting tractor on the basis of a wheel tractor on a combined "pneumotrack" travel designed with the view of energy-saving transport technology.

22. Method of lime carbonate making from briquetted chalk chippings.

23. Method of staflux making on the basis of chalk chippings.

24. Method of complex staflux making from rejects of metallurgical production.

25. Unit for handling outside rotation surface on large-sized objects with unfixed rotation axis without disassembling technological equipment.

26. Remanufacturing technique of surfaces of copper-bearing units on the basis of controlled electro-chemical process by settling or building-up the course of particular composition with tailor-made properties.

27. Electromagnetic process of two-ply steel making.

28. Burden sintering method.

29. Technology for processing the dispersed graphitiferous waste of the mixer departments into the commercial graphite.

30. Organization of complex metallurgical machine building.

31. Drum for processing lump material.

32. The line for preparation and assortment of iron-bearing material.


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